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Clear communication, successful projects.

At Clements Design, excellent client care includes clear communication. I set expectations and work collaboratively to ensure your project's success. To that end, please review our current policies below and reach out via email ( if you have any questions. Please note: see Standard Design Agreement for governing policies.

Availability / urgent requests

Please note that Clements Design is generally available Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday between the hours of 9 am to 3:30 pm PT, and that we can be reached via email or phone within that window. Please provide 24-48 hours for responses unless there is something urgent, in which case you may text as well to request urgent follow up. Projects with urgent timeline will be subject to an expedite fee.


Any Client deliverables will be provided only once Designer’s invoices have been paid in full.

Timeline for feedback

Deliverables are deemed accepted by the Client unless Client contacts Designer within 5 days of receipt of files. After this period, revisions or additional work will be billed at Designer’s then-current hourly rate.

Timely communication

Client agrees to make reasonable efforts to respond to any Client requests or communications within 48 hours. If during the term of the Services, delays are caused for any reason by Client due to lack of communication or response, due to any third party or any issue outside of Client’s (or Designer’s) control, such delays or suspensions will extend any final Designer Due Dates by the same amount of time as the delay.


Any work requested beyond the original scope will be considered an enhancement. Such enhancements will be subject to a new quote to be provided by Designer related to the specifics of Client’s request for additional work.

Client intellectual property

All Client Intellectual Property will remain Client Intellectual Property. Further, Client is also responsible for all liability related to the use of any mark, logo, phrase, content, or other information provided by Client for use by Designer related to the work / project. If Client’s project involves the development of a logo or mark, Client remains responsible for any IP clearance searches or legal ramifications related to the Client project. Designer retains rights to showcase work (unless previously agreed upon) for marketing purposes, may include (but not limited to): portfolio, designer's website, to prospective clients and social media.

Project deadlines

If Client has a requested Project Deadline, Client agrees to expressly inform Designer at the start of the project / engagement regarding any requested Project Deadline. Failure to clearly communicate Client needs pertaining to deadlines or timelines will not be the responsibility of Designer once the project
is commenced.

Thank you for your review of these policies. I look forward to creating a successful, collaborative outcome pertaining to your project or design needs based on clear communication from the start. Thank you for trusting me with your project!

Jessica Clements

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