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Design Days

Forget about pricing individual deliverables. With our "Design Day" service, you're investing in a block of dedicated design time, allowing us to tackle any and all design tasks you need within a 4- or 8-hour time block.


It's a straightforward investment with endless possibilities for what can be achieved! Curious about what you can accomplish in just a few hours of dedicated design time? Let's connect!

Your investment:

4-hour time block


8-hour time block


What's included?
  • PDF/png/jpg files of all designs

  • Working files for an extra fee

  • Unlimited edits during your time block

  • Printing estimates for all projects developed in your time block (print cost is not included)

  • Discovery call to outline your wish list

  • Exclusive access to my services during your booked time block

Some examples of projects for us to tackle:
  • Handouts

  • Business cards and stationery

  • Custom apparel designs

  • Social media graphics

  • Social media templates

  • Digital and print advertisements

  • Booklets

  • Stock image sourcing



Let's Get Started

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